What is Running Sucks?

It’s a blog/newsletter about running from me, Raziq Rauf. Call me Raz. I’m a writer and I'm a USATF running coach.

Every week, I tell the story of someone in the running world who I find interesting. I talk to that person to find out how they engage and further running culture.

Each post will take you under 10 minutes to read. There will also be coaching tips in every post. Maybe you’ll try some out.

If you’re wondering if you can trust this work, I have bylines in places like the BBC, the Guardian, NPR, Kerrang!, Classic Rock, and a couple of books.

Here’s some reader feedback":

“I really appreciate that through you I discovered this other world of genuinely inclusive runners. I have filled my social media feeds with them and it has made me a much much happier runner.”

“It’s been 100% interesting and, as a nerd who can’t read enough about running, I look forward to what is to come.”

“I've sent your writings to several friends who don't identify as runners, and they also appreciated the content. Talking about making the space body-inclusive is a huge deal. It makes it much more fun to read than magazines/publishers who focus more on advanced training.”

“I really appreciate the diversity of topics you cover. I've discovered a lot of new things in the running world thanks to your writing.”

Running Sucks is also a Substack Featured Publication for 2023. They gave me a fancy digital rosette.

If you run and you like to read and think about running - something that you might spend hours doing every week - this is a place for you.

What about the name?

Running Sucks is a tongue-in-cheek title, but there’s truth in it.

No matter how much you love the sport of running - I love it enough to dedicate time to this publication - there is always a moment that sucks. It suuucks.

I think it’s very healthy to acknowledge the difficult things in life. In a bid to make life more pleasant, I also think it’s wise to look for ways to make those moments suck less.

I like to think that, “Running sucks…” is the start of a sentence that every runner will complete differently.

Welcome. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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Anything else?

Do you have a lead for a great running story? I’d love to hear about it.

Maybe you know someone in the running world who’s doing amazing things and you think more people should know about them. A great group doing cool things?

Do you just want to say hi? I love that, but nobody really does.

You can email me at runningsucks@substack.com.

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